So what actually is PostWorks?

PostWorks is a universal two- through 10-axis postprocessor and postprocessor generator.

PostWorks converts output from most major CAM systems into NC data files which can be used to run virtually any NC device including mills, lathes, mill/turns, CMMs, lasers, ultrasonic cutters, and routers. A simple interface enables the user to easily establish machine configurations, control unit features, and output file formats.

PostWorks automatically creates a solid model of the machine and dynamically simulates the machine's movement.

PostWorks also provides a comprehensive macro language for easy customization.

So what Features does PostWorks offer ?

PostWorks is a Fully Configurable Generic Post-Processor, which offers a number of features that will cover all your Post-Processing needs; Here are the top 5 Features

| Complete Support from 2 up to 10 axes

| One Postprocessor solution for all your machines

| Complete CYCLE Cupport and customization

| Developed to optimize the performane of CNC machines

| Macro capability for advanced customization